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The page contains the 'arty-farty' photos we have taken. This is about as arty as we get so hopefully you will enjoy the cliché'd shots of bits of rope and the sun, plus some silly signs and other stuff.

Old gnarly trees, North Island bays, NZ

Old gnarly tree

Gnarly wood

Sunsets, NZ passage

Picture NZ dark sunset

Picture NZ red sunset

Little fluffy clouds and big nasty black ones, passage to NZ

Picture NZ fluffy clouds

More smooth sea water

Picture Fiji water

Rob up the mast

Picture Rob Mast

Busses in Suva, Fiji

Picture Fiji busses

Anchored in Tonga, beach bonfire and sunset

Picture Tonga Bonfire

Lista Light sailing up to Tonga out of the sunrise (Courtesy Alex, s/v Sanuk)

Picture Tonga Approach

Sunrise reflections, Port Phaeton, Tahiti

Picture Phaeton sunrise 2

Picture Phaeton sunrise 3

Water texture in the stillness of Port Phaeton Bay, Tahiti

Picture Phaeton Texture 1

Picture Phaeton Texture 2

Sunset from Cook's Bay, Moorea

Picture Moorea sunset

Sunrise on passage to Moorea, Society Islands

Picture Moorea sunrise

Water texture, Manihi lagoon

Picture Tuamotu water texture

Sunset from Manihi atol, Tuamotus

Picture Tuamotu Sunset

Moonbeams over Fatu Hiva on approach

Picture Marquesas Moonbeam

Sunsets in the Pacific on the way to Marquesas

Picture Marquesas Pacific sunset 1

Picture Marquesas Pacific sunset 2

Picture Marquesas Pacific sunset 3

Picture Marquesas Pacific sunset 4

Lizards working hard

Picture Two lizards

Stop sign, end of a path, Galapagos Islands

Picture Galapagos Stop

Purple sunset, Galapagos Islands

Picture purple sunset

Panama Canal bridge

Picture Panama Canal bridge

Full Easter moon, Sanblas Islands

Picture Easter Sanblas Moon

Sunset, Las Aves

Picture Las Aves Sunset

Pelicans - Los Roques, Venezuela

Picture Los Roques Pelicans

Tree growing sideways - Petit Nevis

Picture Sideways Tree

Cairn of stones in the sunset - Petit Nevis

Picture Petit Nevis Stones Sun

Shack in the Mangroves, Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Picture Marigot Mangrove

Sign, Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Picture No shit here

Sunset, Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Picture Marigot Sunset

Nice wall, Canouan

Picture Canouan Wall

Sunset, Bequia

Picture Sunset Bequia1

School rules - St Lucia

Picture School Rules

Sunsets, St Lucia

Picture St Lucia Sunset 1

Picture St Lucia Sunset 2

Picture St Lucia Sunset 3

Picture St Lucia Sunset 4

Sun and clouds, mid Atlantic

Picture Atlantic Cloud 1

Picture Atlantic Cloud 2

Picture Atlantic Cloud 3

Picture Atlantic Cloud 4

Picture Atlantic Cloud 5

Fishing scenes, Cape Verde

Picture Cape Verde Fish 1

Picture Cape Verde Fish 2

Sunsets on the way to Cape Verde

Picture Cape Verde Sunset 2

Picture Cape Verde Sunset 3

Jules' Tibetan prayer flags

Picture Prayer 1

Picture Prayer 2

A wake of bubbles and a smooth water left behind us whilst sailing to Cape Verdes.

Picture Cape Verde Wake 1

Some fishing netting, Canaries

Picture arty netting 1

Pilot whale, Canaries

Picture pilot whale1

La Gomera lighthouse, Canaries

Picture La Gomera lighthouse1

Sunrise nearing the Canaries

Picture Canaries Sunrise 1

Sunset, on the way to Porto Santo

Picture PortoSanto 1

Lines in the sand, Guadalquivir nature reserve

Picture Sand 1

Sunrise over the Atlas mountains, North Africa, from across the Gibraltar Strait

Picture Atlas 1

Picture Atlas 2

Ornate arches in the Alcazar palace, Seville, Spain

Picture Alcazar 1

A good sunset over the nature reserve along the Guadalquiviv river, Southern Spain.

Picture Guadalquivir river 1

Sunset through the rigging - over the lagoon at the entrance to the Canal de Faro, South Portugal

Picture Faro river 1

Picture Faro river 2

Picture Faro river 3

Picture Faro river 4

The sunset sky over "Gigantica" rock, the southwest corner of Portugal

Picture Gigantica 1

The sun peeping out between clearing thunderclouds, leaving Sines, Southern Portugal.

Picture Sines 1

Picture Sines 2

Picture Sines 3

Picture Sines 4

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